How to Choose
A Window Cleaner

Window SqueegeeIf you are considering hiring a window cleaning company, keep in mind that there window cleaning business is like any other service or industry, with reputable firms who are eager to provide a worthwhile service at a competitive cost.  Unfortunately it can be difficult to tell the difference between these and those who are willing to cut whatever corners they feel they can get away with.

If you compare window cleaning services you will find a great variance in the services and fees offered.  It's often a case of comparing "apples with bananas",  while some companies think only in terms of "getting the job" at the lowest price, you should look for a company that considers providing quality service to you, summer and winter, for many years to come.

Some things to consider when reviewing window cleaning proposals;

  1. For your protection, require all of your service contractors to provide both a certificate of liability and worker's compensation insurance prior to working on your property.  The certificate should be made out specifically to your company and cover the workers that would actually provide the service.  Beware of companies that tell you they are insured but always come up with some excuse or delay when you request a certificate of Insurance. (Certificates should be mailed from their insurance company or agent, not handed to you).  Also beware of those companies who provide you with a certificate and then have only the owners do the work or use sub-contract labor, both of which may be specifically excluded from their insurance coverage.

  2. Check References:  Actually call all references supplied.  We have found companies listing references that have canceled their service or customers who have never used their window cleaning service.  Ask if the window cleaning is completed on schedule, if there have been sudden large price increases, and what is the appearance and behavior of their workmen?

  3. Try to get the price guaranteed long term (2-3 years) with only annual adjustments for Cost Of Living Rates and that you can cancel the contract for poor quality or not-performance.  Beware that some window cleaning companies will give a low quote to "Get the Job" but will raise the price soon. Also, it is common with some low price window washing services to skip cleaning windows they feel you won't notice, and to even charge for times they don't bother showing up.(we've found companies skipping the entire north side of buildings!)

  4. Check Credentials;  Look for memberships in local and national trade associations such as the International Window Cleaning Association (IWCA),the International Window Cleaner Certification Institute (IWCCI) the Home Builder's association, The local Chamber of Commerce, etc. While such memberships can be purchased by anyone, and should not be taken on their own as a deciding factor; they can  show a company's effort to be involved with the local business or industry community and learn the newest and best methods to provide continually improving service.