Smart Business Managers & Owners

Protect their businesses and life styles by requiring anyone that works on their property to provide certificates of both;

Worker's Compensation Insurance

To protect you .  In case the workers get injured or disabled.  Hiring self-employed workers may leave you totally unprotected.  Also beware of companies that may be able to supply a certificate of coverage but then "sub-contract" to pseudo-employees, calling their employees Contractors may allow them to avoid paying some of the taxes and insurance and other costs which are normal costs of doing business ethically.  This practice can leave you and their employees outside of the coverage indicated on any supplied certificate, leaving you and them with an unacceptable risk.

Liability Insurance

To protect you, your customers, your employees and people just passing through and their property.  Accidents happen and Window Washing activities provide numerous situations that can present risks.  Be sure there is a safety net if someone is injured or damage is done to something.

How to Help Minimize Your Risk

Be sure to get a certificate of insurance coverage from any service providers or contractors that may work on your property.  Such certificates should be mailed to you from their insurance company NOT handed to you by them.  The certificates must list you as the certificate holder so you are notified of any changes or cancelation of coverage

Ask if the contractor uses their own employees to performed the actual service or do they sub-contract to others.  If they use such "pseudo-employees" be sure to get certificates that actually cover the individuals that will be working on your property.

BEWARE of any excuses, delays or convoluted explinations!